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Quick Benefits Calculator training

April 2018-19


Lisson Grove Benefits Program* training

  • Courses vary in length from one hour to a full day 
  • You can have more than one course on the same day
  • Three types of course
    • "Hands on"  - learners get a chance to practise and try the program with support on the day. There is post course support for those who attend. For more information see below.
    • "Demonstration" -  learners watch how it works with an explanation. They don't practise individually on the day. See below for more information.
    • Online courses  - email training@square1training.co.uk if you are interested in online training
  • Costs reflect the number of people attending and the length of the course (see below)
  • Example courses (see below for more details of some of them)
    • Quick Benefits Calculator overview
    • An introduction to the Quick Benefits Calculator
    • Quick Benefits Calculator for those who have never used the QBC 
    • Tax Credits and the QBC
    • QBC refresher training
    • QBC for advanced users
    • QBC and Universal Credit
    • Bespoke courses with the content agreed before hand
  • Courses are delivered at  a  venue arranged by you e.g. your office, training room, a local college.
  • Prices start at £50 - email for a quote.
  • *Lisson Grove Benefits Program courses are different. Please email training@square1training.co.uk 

Contact details: EmaIl training@square1training.co.uk

Standard (hands on) courses

  • Standard courses explain the program and go through issues and problems.
  • Those attending should have a computer and they will go through exercises on the day. 
  • After the course people are made aware of materials they can use to carry on learning about the QBC
  • There is a  post-course support for everyone who attends (email, web and phone support)
  • Your choice of course length - half day for up to 12 people or a full day for up to 16. If you want to train more why not consider a demonstration course?  
  • See below for some example standard and demonstration courses.
  •  Prices range  from £100 + travel for a one or two people doing a half day course.

Demonstration (watch) courses.

  • Demonstration courses show and explain the program.
  • People watch a demonstration of the program and are talked through it.
  • Screens. features and menus are explained in all courses.
  • Cases and problems are demonstrated.
  • Attendees can raise questions and problems.  
  •  People who attend the demonstration course should try to use the program after the course. They are made aware of materials they can use to learn more about the program and go through cases studies.
  • These courses can be for one or two or three hours - the longer the course the more material and questions.
  • There is no maximum limit to the number who can attend - depending of course on the room or lecture room you can get. 
  • See below for some example standard and demonstration courses.
  • Prices start from £50 + travel for one person doing the hour long course.

Online courses - at the moment these are bespoke courses for your organisation - contact for more details. 

* please email for details about the Lisson Grove Benefits Program training.


Costs - please contact for a quote

Email training@square1training.co.uk.  Details needed for a quote::

1. The type of course you are interested in - or if you are interested in both.

  • Standard course (hands on)
    • length of course
      • half day  (maximum 12 for a half day course)
      • full day  (maximum 16 for a full day course)
      • two half day courses on the same day
  • Demonstration course (watch)
    • length of course
      • one hour (no maximum) or
      • two hour (no maximum) or
      • three hour (no maximum)
    • approximate numbers (don't have to be certain) attending the demonstration
    • if you want more than one demonstration course on the same day please say what you would like in the details you send. 

2. General Location

  • the city or town where the training  is to be held or likely to be held. This is needed for getting an idea of travel costs. I know it is not always possible to give an exact location but the travel costs reflect the location so you can get an idea.

Email : training@square1training.co.uk. 


QBC Courses - issues covered

The main aim of the course is to increase or give users confidence using the Quick Benefits Calculator. The course and the cases are designed to do that. 

  • Most Courses cover all or some of the following – depending on what you want to be covered and if it is a full or half day course, a standard or demonstration course.
  • You can set out what you want and we can negotiate content or I can send you some ideas. 

Topics often covered on courses include: 

  • Explanation of the Screens – what they do and how best to enter information
  • Menus
  • Better off calculations
  • Tax Credit screens and problems
  • Universal Credit
  • Advanced features or cases - as required by you.
  • What the jargon means
  • Cases

The full day course goes into more detail; covers more issues and has  more cases to work through.

There are two half day course lengths : 2.5 hours and 3 hours. More time for cases in the 3 hour course.

Course content can be tweaked for beginners or more experienced people.

Some example timetables

QBC Timetable:  1/2 day  standard course

10.00 Introduction to program and overview of how the program works
10.30 Screens & Menus – with some cases
11.30 Break
11.45 Tax Credits -with some cases
12.30 Conclusion & Finish

QBC Timetable Typical one day  standard training course for beginners

10.00 Introduction to program and overview of how the program works
10.30 Screens
11.30 Break
11.45 Menus
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Tax Credits
4.00 Finish

QBC - demonstration course - courses

The longer the course the more detail.  Courses are from one hour to three hours and range range from one person upwards - there is no maximum. 

  • the screens explained
  • how the program works
  • better off calculations
  • the income reminder (tax credit options) screen or 
  • how to do better off calculations or 
  • where to enter information or
  • how to check housing benefit calculations or
  • screens explained or
  • where to enter tax credits income or
  • etc. etc. - you can choose issues

Email  for information

For more information and for an idea of costs please contact training@square1training.co.uk.